• dolmetschteam frankfurt

    Brigitte Hillebrecht
  • dolmetschteam frankfurt

    Brigitte Hillebrecht


In my many years working as a conference interpreter I have specialised in the fields of
technology, economy and law.

My customers include:

  • Small, medium-sized and large enterprises
  • European, international and national authorities and agencies
  • Professional associations
  • Standards authorities
  • Test institutes, institutions dealing with quality assurance, etc.

My language proficiency is also sought after to interpret for:

  • Annual general meetings
  • Supervisory and board meetings
  • EWC (European Works Council) meetings
  • SE conversions
  • Company meetings, visits to factories, etc.

Additional key areas: industry, finance and authorities

  • Accounting, balance sheets (GAAP, etc.)
  • Banks and authorities
  • Consulting (asset and portfolio management)
  • EU Directives/Regulations and European Works Council meetings
  • Film/TV, trade unions
  • Foreign trade/economics
  • Investment
  • Law (incl. Islamic Law)
  • Police authorities
  • Pharmaceutical industry (patents, depositions)
  • Politics (Hessian Parliament and Ministry of Economy)
  • Press conferences and foundations
  • Property (funds, management, REIT) and investor conferences
  • Stock exchange, ETF
  • Supervisory board meetings of national/European/international companies and global players
  • Theatre/cinema and fairs (book fair, international automotive fair (IAA), packaging, textile technology)


  • Automotive engineering, food industry/beverages, illumination, lighting
  • Building construction (windows, doors and façades/curtain walling, hardware, European Trade Associations (EPW/FAECF/FEMIB)
  • Materials handling technology and forestry, timber, wood
  • Electrics/electronics, energy
  • Environment and transport
  • EUROPE/EC (CEN – European Standardisation Organisation, DIN – German Standardisation Institute)
  • Fire safety, printing industry/chemistry
  • IT (Internet)
  • Logistics, medical devices
  • Nanotechnology and metal working
  • Optics (microscopy, ophthalmology)
  • Packaging industry and mail order
  • Plant engineering/gases, architecture, rail and automotive industry
  • Public transportation control systems and paper industry
  • Quality assurance (QM audits)
  • Textile industry/textile technology and tourism
  • Training – on-site (casting, machine tools, production engineering)
  • Tyres and sanitary industry and trade
  • Welding, toys, electricity industry


Brigitte Hillebrecht

Conference interpreter (aiic, ata, VKD, BDÜ) - Certified and sworn translator (BDÜ)